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June 30, 2011

Re: DC And Digital Comics Strategies

Filed under: Thoughts — M Kitchen @ 1:38 pm

Just noticed this post over at Warren Ellis’s digital stomping ground:


Wow. If this is DC’s strategy (that hypothetical lost fan base is older, has credit cards and disposable income, and an internet connection that can bring the DC Comics section of a notional comics store right to their desks. That, in fact, digital comics services will do the work of those eight thousand stores that don’t exist anymore) I have a hunch it will totally flop.

Why? Because comic books should be targeting young readers. Ages seven to sixteen. If you make that demographic care about the medium and care about your funny books, then they could become life long readers. Everyone who left comics in the 90’s are gone. Some might come back, but I wouldn’t count on it. The next generation is where it’s at!

I DO like the fact that DC is stirring things up, but it DOES bother me that much of the “reboot” element of it seems to be more about the Shuster lawsuit regarding the Superman copyright.


All that said, I’d rather read some good independent comics, where the creator’s actually care about the stories they’re crafting.


  1. From watching the interview with Grant Morrison it seems that he does care about Superman, notwithstanding the true reason for rebooting the character.

    Comment by Tom Vudtiyanon — June 30, 2011 @ 8:17 pm

  2. Yeah, you’re right Tom. It’s a really weird juxtaposition isn’t it? The whole thing is something being done for (as far as I can tell) all the wrong reasons, but with one of the few writers today that is able to capture the level of wonder and “magic” needed to pull off a great Superman story. I’ll be waiting with trepidation for Action Comics #1 to hit the shelves out of pure curiosity.

    Comment by M Kitchen — June 30, 2011 @ 10:41 pm

  3. Interesting post. Heres my tiny two cent about the DC strategies. I agree about the future is in the next generation.(as you stated)

    But if you do reach those (older, has credit cards and disposable income, and an internet connection), That generation start to have a family of little young ones that follow their parents. I understand about the targeting the next gen is the key to a continued monetary success, but their strategy dosnt mean that it exclude that.

    But how can those children be targeted? Parents are the gate keeper of what a children consume.

    Heres a question. How where you targeted as a kid to start reading comic? How did your kid learn about comic?

    I look at your blog and your brother. When I see Blairs boy dress as the possum. Its clear to me that if blair tough that superman was the best thing in the world and shared it to his kid that blairs kid would certainly have fond memory of superman, when he grows up and then consume superman comic book.

    But also to the flip side( i like trying to see things from each side)
    If you aim for the kid without the parent consent. I believe the chances are lower that the product gets sold. But it is still doable. I mean my parent dint show me tmnt, or superman actually. but media around me did. It was hard for me to try to get my parent to buy me some tmnt toys. But lets say I do have kids one day and tmnt is still around. Would I be as resistant to buy to my kid the toy i dint get?

    I guess both is doable but its easier to get the parent with the money to buy for their kids if they approved.

    As example kids film that offers humors caters to kid and parent are more likely to be deem a monetary success. A parent would rather see a film that him and his kid can enjoy over a film that only targeted to the kid.

    My friend loves the Muppet. Thus his kids are expose to the Muppet and love em also.

    I believe having a strategy of targeting (older, has credit cards and disposable income, and an internet connection) is not a bad strategy and I believe also that that statement doesn’t exclude your tactic!

    Im not familiar with the extend of the dc reboot you mention. The drawings and refresh look looks good. If its cosmetic reboot then isnt that usually what happen every once in a while?

    I read the super-copyright. Sounds messy!

    about :All that said, I’d rather read some good independent comics, where the creator’s actually care about the stories they’re crafting.

    I think independent comics are great. I feel the artist can fully express themself. and the love for the story and crafting it shows.

    I believe that people that work on more commercial work, also care about the story they craft. I just believe that they have other constraint that indie comic writer don’t. and I believe that indie comic write has other constraint that commercial work people don’t. But about the caring statement I think its safe to say that both side cares…

    Comment by TIE — June 30, 2011 @ 11:00 pm

  4. Hi TIE – Thanks for the awesome looong comment. For myself, I was introduced to comics because my Unlces had left a bunch of their comics up at the family cottage. My second exposure to comics came when my parents bought us a two or three pack of comics from the department store. But what REALLY sold me on the medium came when I tracked down some missing issues at the new comics store that opened in my home town, called Comic Express. That was when I was finally able to ride my bike downtown, find comics I liked, and spend all my money. I just don’t think that adults who haven’t been turned on to the medium in their formative years would ever care about comics as much as those who grew up with comics. I hear what you’re saying about adults and credit cards, which is why I always come back to distribution as the primary problem that needs to be dealt with. My thinking is that macro distribution (like Amazon.com) and micro distribution (like selling a 5 pack at a discount to individuals who can then sell them to their friends at a profit) is the way to move forward, and I plan on implementing this stuff with SPY GUY.

    Comment by M Kitchen — July 1, 2011 @ 11:06 am

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