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January 24, 2011


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Mark Oakley quotes:

“I believe they call it “piracy”, but I think it’s more akin to “communication”.” *

“So when the dust settles, if corporate media wins the day, the only messages which will be allowed into those 20 slots of awareness on the digital pad, will do nothing to elevate humankind beyond the intellectual realm of the retarded monkey.” *

“Woe unto those who decide to actually research their subject matter in depth!” *

“I like the swamp versus the hose metaphor. That is, it’s best to think of income as water collected in a swamp rather than from a hose; you can collect lots of water from a swamp; dew running off a hundred different leaves, up from springs, from rain. But a single hose, while it offers volume, if it stops, leaves you dry. So I suggest having lots of different, smaller buckets spread all over because this leaves you in a much more resilient position. Because in depressed markets like the one we’re in, resilience is survival. Hoses don’t do well in bad economies.” *

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