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December 29, 2010

Back & Forth With Dave Sim at MYRANT

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I mentioned earlier of a fax message from Dave Sim to fellow comic legend Steve Bissette via the Comicon.com Message Board. Well it appears the conversation there was derailed by internet trolls, however the discussion now has a new moderated home at Steve Bissette’s MYRANT. This first post contains Dave’s first fax sent just before The Kitchen Family dinner. Click on over to MYRANT for the full discussion. This is going to be a good one!


Excerpt from Steve Bissette:

“I see my Center for Cartoon Studies students every year graduate (some with one-year certificates, some with two year, some with MFAs) into a marketplace that, in the manner we used to define that marketplace, has labored mightily since the mid-1990s to shut them out. That is: Diamond Comics has no room for their work; the so-called “mainstream” American comic book industry has shut them out (I no longer consider it truly mainstream, since the former Direct Market has steadily eroded since the 1990s implosion, and the bookstore chains that now dominate rack far more manga, children’s graphic novels, and a potpourri of “graphic novels” that is comprised of far more diversity of product than we imagined possible in the 1980s); and their sole regular venue for selling their creations has become the regional and national “independent comics” conventions.”

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