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December 27, 2010

SPY GUY Hated By The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) ?

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The following form letter comes from Chris Butcher:


TCAF 2011 Exhibitor Application

From:  Christopher Butcher <contact@torontocomics.com>
To: “Mike@Ultraist. Net” <mike@ultraist.net>

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your interest in exhibiting at the next Toronto Comic Arts
Festival, to be held this May 7th and 8th, 2011.

As you know, TCAF is a juried show that strives to present a curated,
though broad, picture of the comics medium. We received 30% more
applications this year over 2010. But as our space has not
significantly increased over 2010, not everyone who applied will be
able to exhibit.

As of today we have completely filled our 2011 capacity, and we were
not able to immediately accommodate your request for space.

However, we have decided to create a small waiting list for exhibition
space. We’ve only included exhibitors such as yourself whose work
would be a good fit for TCAF, and who have the potential to actually
get a table.

What’s next:

1. If you don’t want to be a part of the waiting list or can otherwise
not exhibit at TCAF 2011 any longer, please let us know and we’ll take
your name off the list.

2. In early March we’ll have a final count of exhibitors, as well as a
final table layout. That’s when we’ll know how many (if any) extra
table spaces are available, and we will begin contacting people on the
waiting list.

3. It is going to be far easier to accommodate people on the waiting
list requesting 3 foot spaces, rather than 6 foot spaces. If you’ve
requested 6 feet of space, feel free to adjust your request downwards
by e-mailing us at registration@torontocomics.com.

4. Make sure you’re signed up for the TCAF mailing list at
http://torontocomics.com/, because TCAF is much more than a two-day
exhibition, and even without exhibition space there may be ways for
you to take part in the event and promote your work!

5. Don’t get discouraged! The competition was really tough this year
for exhibitor spaces. Keep making comics, keep making plans, and we’ll
do our best to find a space for you at the Festival.

Regardless of exhibition space, we sincerely hope you’ll still
consider attending the Festival this May. We’ve got a ton of exciting
stuff coming up for this year, including the announcement of our
Guests of Honour, partnerships with some great organizations, and more
programming than we’ve ever done before. We’re planning on making TCAF
2011 our best yet.

All the best,

– Christopher Butcher, Festival Director, TCAF

P.S.: As always, feel free to contact us at contact@torontocomics.com
with any questions, comments, or concerns.


The thing that I find unfortunate about this is TCAF is a show I wish I could support. I’m a Toronto artist, creating an independent Toronto comic book, that even TAKES PLACE in Toronto, AND I think the Beguiling is a GREAT comic book store (that has always shelved our comics). When we attended TCAF in 2007 we had a great time (even though we didn’t make enough money to cover the table cost). The whole thing is just very unfortunate. Have to say though, I’m tired of the rejection. This will be the last year I go out of my way to submit an application in an attempt to get a table with TCAF.

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