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August 25, 2010

Of Comics & Cottages

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Late Friday night we arrived at the cottage I’ve spoken about in prior interviews. The older children and grandparents were off to bed as my wife was helping the little one fall asleep, leaving me all alone on the couch in the main room. Making use of the quiet time, I wandered over to the nearby shelf and leafed through the stacks of paper pamplets looking for something interesting to read, just as I have done for decades before. These are the same shelves where I discovered Peanuts, and Andy Capp, and Archie, and Neal Adam’s Batman. What did I find on the shelf this time? Spy Guy #1 and The Possum #4! This made me smile. I brought them back to the couch and read through them. It brought back those oldest memories of reading comic books, and something about this experience brought things full circle in my mind, making me satisfied with what my brother and I had accomplished in making our own.

It also confirmed for me the idea of comics as paper artifacts. As physical art objects that can be found, and experienced, and enjoyed from a shelf in a cottage.

Over the years I’ve made an active effort to find interesting comic books to leave around our home for my children to read. I’ve also made an active effort to leave some of my own comics laying around the outside world for people to find. Both of which I suddenly feel the urge to do more of.


  1. There’s some Spy Guy, Spy Guy Minis and your first comic book you did with Matt in Seoul, Korea. I wonder where else your comic books are?

    Comment by macklc — August 26, 2010 @ 8:20 am

  2. I know for a fact there are some in New Zealand, Pakistan, Europe and even China. A package even got sent to troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

    A program I’d like to get off the ground (that I’ve been thinking about for ages) is the Spy Guy Street Team. Put a package together with extra comics, incentive items, and a jacket patch, so that active minded readers can shop-drop comics and help get the word out!


    Comment by M Kitchen — August 26, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

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