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September 29, 2007


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Wow. The Word on the Street festival is tomorrow. I guess now would be a good time to put up a blog post to announce it to the hand full of you that check out The Ultraist Studios Blog Journal, and happen to be in the Toronto area…

Word on the Street is a national, annual, one-day celebration of reading and writing that promotes Canadian authors, books and magazines, and highlights the importance of literacy in the lives of all Canadians. The Word On The Street festival in Toronto focuses on promoting Toronto and Ontario authors and literacy organizations.*

This year Ultraist Studios and Possum Press have joined forces to attend. Listed under MAGAZINE MEWS Niche magazine publishers: Ultraist Studios / Possum Press will be located at booth MM5 which is located at 2 o’clock on the Queen’s Park Crescent circle. See map below for details.

I have always heard good things from comic makers about Word on the Street. It will be interesting to see how many comics can be sold in a single day, and if it will be enough to make up the table cost. At least my weather widget assures me that tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a high of 22°C.

In other news, the Ultraist Studio Store is debuting a SPUD & HARRY #1 / Creature From Jekyll Island special. More details and pictures to come.

September 18, 2007

Google SketchUp

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If it’s good enough for Stewart Immonen, then perhaps it’s worth investigating…

Click here for his tutorial.

September 17, 2007

Monday Miscellany

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Status Report.

This is the situation from the Ultraist War Room: It’s been a slow going summer. Most of it was spent re-calibrating my life and recovering from working too many jobs. The bulk of 2007 has had me firing on all cylinders, and now that the year is 3/4 over, you wouldn’t know it even happened. Interesting. There has got to be a lesson to be learned in there somewhere… Luke 12:24 comes to mind.

New Weapon For My Arsenal.

In the efforts to boost productivity and to provide a hospice environment when matters are beyond my control, I picked up…

THE ALL NEW ULTRAIST STUDIOS PORTABLE WORKSTATION! It’s an HP Pavilion tx1228 which is fully equipped with everything I need to bring my comic work with me. Small enough to fit in my backpack, and powerful enough to run Maya and Photoshop full size comic pages. The wireless connection allows me to keep this blog up to date. As a matter of fact, this post is it’s first.

I went through some deep meditations to arrive at the decision to make this purchase for the Studio. In the end, the answer that came to me was “What value does money hold? If it holds no real value, then why allow it to hold control over your life? Why allow it to prevent you from doing the work that you know needs to be done?”. Interesting…

In Other News…

Production on SPY GUY #1 has moved from pre-production into full production! Work has begun in transferring the rough layouts and script on to full 11 x 17 pages. Currently page 7 is in the works. Once location and character designs are 100% locked, inking on these pages will begin.

I’m very excited about this one folks.

Hope to do it justice.

September 5, 2007

Bush: ‘I do tears’

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Those are crocodile tears if I ever saw them…

September 2, 2007

Best news I’ve heard all day!

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I have been craving more Curb Your Enthusiasm ever since I finished watching the previous 5 seasons on DVD. Add to that the recent divorce (which I thought would make perfect Curb fodder) and I was practically bursting at the seams. It doesn’t get any more George Costanza than that. And, now HBO tells me that Season 6 begins next week! Best news I’ve heard all day!

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