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June 18, 2007

Letter From Ewart Cameron

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Taking a cue from the Blog and Mail, I’ve decided to occasionally post letters as blog journal fodder. Partially this is due to SPY GUY #1 (of the unlimited series) not having a letters column slated, and partially because the online letters forum hasn’t yet been constructed, and partially because of the lack of free time to do anything else. I figure if I’m going to be typing anyway, might as well get some mileage out of it. So below, a letter from Ewart Cameron.


I’d love to say I’m a big fan, but truth is, I’ve only seen you briefly at last year’s Fan Expo. I certainly admire your work and art… very reminicent of Bone, but has it’s own charm to it. The action you get across with the “cartoony” style is awesome!

Anyway, I hope you’re at this year’s Expo… I plan to pick up a few comics if you are… maybe order a few before then. I’ve been checking out your site and was a little disapointed that you didn’t have any onine previews… even a mini-story. But that’s cool… I still have the little pamphlets from last year.

So, I do have a question, if you don’t mind me asking. I have an on-line comic, myself and have been working on a story for a print-based comic. But the actual printing and publishing is where I hit a wall. What do you do for printing? Do you go to a professional printer? How expensive does that run? How do you off-set costs before you start selling? So maybe that was more than one question… sorry.

Also, I was wondering if you’d like to set up a cross-link. My link on your blog and vice-versa on my site. I don’t know if you have a Comicspace account, but shoot me a note if you do and I’ll freindicate you.

Thanks for the time… hope to see you (and Spy Guy) this August.

Ewart Cameron

Response Tomorrow (?)

Also: I’ve got the next webcomic waiting to be scanned, so that’s coming up soon, as well as some convention pics which still need to be photoshop-resized. You’d think that for someone who sits vegetative in front of a computer all day, finding time to scan and photoshop wouldn’t be a problem. If only the day job systems guys would hook me up… The reference I’ve ordered online is starting to trickle in. May make some posts on that as well, despite the possible spoilers. Transformers the movie is coming out soon, which also requires a good rant. All this and more, only at the Ultraist Studios Blog Journal!

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