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May 23, 2007

Chuck Palahniuk meets Spy Guy!

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Last night Chuck Palahniuk had a reading at the Indigo in Toronto.
I picked up a signed copy of Rant, and Chuck scored a signed collection of SPY GUY!


  1. yay! it was such a good night yesterday. I got there super early and was lucky enough to score a seat. I was dressed as the zombie bride and after looking at your gift package I cannot wait to see what I might get!



    Comment by Sara — May 23, 2007 @ 7:46 am

  2. Yeah, it was great. Chuck always puts on a good show. I got there around 6:30 and got stuck in the back, but didn’t mind. During the Guts reading in Berkeley a few years back, I scored a seat about two rows back from the guys that passed out. So I’ll always have that experience. When I wrote Chuck last October, I told him I’d give him my SPY GUY comics next time he was in Toronto. So that was my primary objective of the evening.

    Mission Accomplished.

    I’ve gotta ask: What was the deal with the bride outfit? Does that tie into Rant? I haven’t read it yet…

    Nice photos by the way.

    Comment by M Kitchen — May 23, 2007 @ 9:56 am

  3. yeah I haven’t read Rant either but I now have/own all his books as well as have them all signed. He wrote ‘to my tragic bride’ inside of Rant. Apparently there’s this ‘group’ of people that dress up their cars with ‘just married’ signs and tin cans so they can pick them out on the road and then crash into each other. I was a post-car wreck bride. I can’t wait to find out what he’s going to send to all his loving brides! I went to the Haunted book signing two years back and he seemed a lot more nervous that time around talking in front of people..

    Kudos to your comic! I know how much hard work goes into that… not that I personally know from experience, but I took Art and know how hard it is to make any money off of it. Love your style.

    Comment by Sara — May 23, 2007 @ 1:33 pm

  4. The obvious lapse in logic there being the potential number of “honest to God” newlyweds inevitably mauled to death in a horrible bloody collision. Collateral damage. Or maybe that was intentionally part of the thrill for those in this ‘group’.

    Either way, it’s bizarre.

    Hey, you should post some pics of Chuck’s Bride Package somewhere (that sentence just sounds wrong).

    Thanks for the kudos on the comic!
    It’s appreciated.

    Comment by M Kitchen — May 23, 2007 @ 4:20 pm

  5. pretty cool.

    Comment by Blair kitchen — May 23, 2007 @ 5:58 pm

  6. Chuck’s a cool guy. I saw him read on the _Choke_ tour.
    However, I gave up on reading his fiction, I think he peaked with _Choke_ (_Survivor_ probably being his best book, though) but somehow hitting the NYTimes list mucked with him and he simply tries, desperately, to fit his plots into this dreadful “minimalist” framing.
    Yes, Amy Hempel is a goddess, but no need to try to capture what she does. No one else can.
    And _Haunted_ was clearly directed at an audience of 15-year olds with only ‘gross-out’ effect being the goal.
    Cool you got some Spy Guy to him.

    Comment by jay — May 29, 2007 @ 5:53 am

  7. Yeah. I like Chuck Palahniuk for a lot of the same reasons I like Dave Sim.

    I agree that his writing seemed to peak with Choke, which is probably my favorite novel (Fight Club aside). And even though I really enjoyed Haunted, I agree with your analysis. Guts was a masterpiece. Watching people in the audience drop like flies in Berkeley was quite an experience. It’s amazing words can do that.
    The one novel of the bunch I really didn’t care for was Diary. For me, the premise was the weakest. Chuck had talked about his original concept for that novel somewhere, which sounded a lot more interesting to me. The house was originally the main character, and it was going to be written in a home improvement style of writing. It’s too bad he took the house concept and stuck it on a person.

    I’m looking forward to reading Rant.
    And yeah. It’s cool I got some Spy Guy to him.

    Comment by M Kitchen — May 29, 2007 @ 4:03 pm

  8. >Guts was a masterpiece. Watching people in the >audience drop like flies in Berkeley >was quite an >experience. It’s amazing words can do that.

    I’m highly, highly skeptical that that wasn’t just some exhibitionistic nonsense. Not staged by Chuck, but just people acting up, wanting attention. I’m not at all convinced that WORDS can trigger such effects. Sight and sound, yes, no doubt. Not words.
    Plus it’s wasn’t _that_ gross. Just silly, IMO.

    >The one novel of the bunch I really didn’t care for was >Diary.

    I agree. And with Lullaby. Chuck wanting to be the new Stephen King just aint working. Hell, it shouldn’t even work for King, but he’s got too many True Fans.
    Probably 9 out of 10 great horror story ideas are SHORT stories.
    But novels sell better.
    Which is also why Chuck had those dreadful interstitial chapters trying to link a collection of stories (Haunted) into a “novel”.

    Have you given Haruki Murakami a try yet?

    Comment by jay — May 30, 2007 @ 10:34 am

  9. When I first heard of the Guts body count, I was skeptical as well. But seeing it with my own eyes, I can say that it did NOT look like exhibitionistic nonsense. Having the story read for the first time in an environment like that is a lot different than reading it yourself, or hearing it after you’ve already read the thing. That story gave me an all new respect for words, and what they are capable of.

    You’ve gotta give props to Chuck for that.
    Right now I’m trying to dissect how he puts his sentences together. They are very powerful. To capture some of that in my writing would be a good thing.

    I’ve never read Haruki Murakami.
    What do you recommend?

    Comment by M Kitchen — May 30, 2007 @ 5:56 pm

  10. Well, I’ll take yer word for it that the fainting spells were real…but it just doesn’t seem right.

    >Right now I’m trying to dissect how he puts his >sentences together. They are very >powerful. To capture >some of that in my writing would be a good thing.

    I find him tedious and simply wanting to capture the flow of Amy Hempel. The only “minimalist” wirter that could and should still cut out half of his writing. Check out Hempel’s _Reasons to Live_ or the _Collected Stories_. She’s a master. Chuck just pars down and repeats.
    You _have_ read Raymond Carver, yes?

    As for Murakami, lemme get to know you and your work a bit more and then I’ll recommend. The package still hasn’t arrived. Maybe you sent it to Mongolia instead? 😉

    Comment by jay — May 31, 2007 @ 7:23 am

  11. Geeze, what’s it been… like a month?
    That’s crazy.

    Well, I didn’t send it to Mongolia… but there is no guarantee that Canada Post didn’t…

    Or maybe the Swiss Goverment just doesn’t like Spy Guy.
    Sorry about the wait.

    Comment by M Kitchen — May 31, 2007 @ 7:47 am

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