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November 18, 2006

SPY GUY – Webcomic pt.9

Filed under: Spy Guy — M Kitchen @ 3:19 pm

The next strip is done. Finally.
I was trying to get this thing finished all week. Each morning I told myself “okay, even if you just get one panel done, just get it up there and post it!” And of course, even the completion of a single panel would elude me.

Also in this strip, I experimented with colouring the background greyscale with pantone markers, thinking it might save me some time in the long run… Wrong. The grey tones I used were too light, so that when I tried to colour correct the strip in photoshop, I either got stuck with the white page being left as a light grey with the pencil lines showing through (making it look even sloppier than what is shown below), or losing the grey tones completely.

Mental note for next time: I’ll have to use a darker grey so I can bump up the brightness and contrast in photoshop to blast out the pencil lines while retaining the marker grey tones.

Live and learn.

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  1. I wasn’t satisfied with the last panel, so I changed it; which sort of sets a dangerous precedent…

    Comment by M Kitchen — November 25, 2006 @ 9:58 am

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