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July 27, 2006

SPUD page 3

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I am currently on week 2 of a 4.5 week vacation.
In that time I’ve been hard at work on the next comic from the Spy Guy universe.

The comic is called Spud & Harry.

This is page 3.

July 14, 2006

Creator’s Rights

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Back in 1988 a group of comic creators got together to discuss the issue of Creator’s Rights.

The summit was instigated by Dave Sim in an attempt to define the ethical boundaries in selling his first printing of High Society direct, bypassing the distributor.

As a result of the summit, Scott McCloud came up with a “final draft”.

In 2005 Al Nickerson jump started the discussion again, and created the Creator’s Rights Forum.

After spending almost two weeks of reading through the posted articles, I jumped into the discussion, with a Creative Stream Analysis using Spawn as an example.

One month later, Dave Sim responded.
How cool is that?

Drop by the forum: http://www.creatorsrights.com/
Post your 2 cents. Help keep the conversation going…

July 12, 2006

Day Job Sketch

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So my little brother mentioned the other day that I’m not posting enough… okay. True. He’s been running circles around me both with blog posts (19 – 2) and comic pages inked (72 – 9). See, the problem with the CG world of animation is that it doesn’t do anything for keeping the traditional art skills in practice. Plus; that’s just the kinda guy I am. However I decided a few weeks ago to start taking advantage of the time sitting idle while the CGI machine makes it’s calculations, and pull out an old fashioned sketch pad.

Here’s a sharpie quickie: Wolverine

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