Epsiode 003 – David Branstetter

Recorded live at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus Ohio. This episdoe of The Kitchen Bros. Comic Book Podcast, Mike Kitchen and Blair Kitchen talk to David Branstetter, the creator of Straw Man.

Show note links:

S.P.A.C.E. – http://backporchcomics.com/space.htm
Lethargic Lad – http://www.lethargiclad.com
Savage Dragon – http://www.savagedragon.com
Max Ink – http://www.maxinkcomix.com
Blink – http://amzn.to/K5WoBU
Steve Peters – http://awakeningcomics.wordpress.com

David Branstetter – http://strawmancomics.com
Mike Kitchen – http://www.ultraist.net
Blair Kitchen – http://www.possumpress.com

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