Episode 007 – Bill Kimberley

This episode of The Kitchen Bros. Comic Book Podcast, Mike Kitchen and Blair Kitchen talk to Bill Kimberley, creator of The Drive In webcomic, and discuss the advantages, pitfalls and general differences between digital and print comics.

Show note links:

Chippy and Loopus (old strips) – http://phloo.blogspot.ca
Chippy and Loopus (new strips) – http://chippyandloopus.com
Floyd Norman – http://twitter.com/floydnorman
Justin Beaver – http://thedrivein.ca/?tag=beavers
PVP switch to colour – http://pvponline.com/archive/2009/04/01
Lethargic Lad – http://www.lethargiclad.com
Dave Sim – http://davesimart.blogspot.ca
Bearmageddon + Google Sketch Up – http://bearmageddon.com/2011/11/11/page-30-protest-and-preparation/
Dave Sim’s Elephantman – http://bit.ly/LbLWrX
Rob Liefeld – http://robliefeldcreations.com/?p=2906
Seth Godin – http://sethgodin.typepad.com
CerebusTV – http://cerebustv.com
The Dip – amzn.to/KVpmH6

Bill Kimberley – http://thedrivein.ca
Blair Kitchen – http://www.possumpress.com
Mike Kitchen – http://www.ultraist.net

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