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August 6, 2009


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I’ve been watching Survivorman non-stop here in this final stretch to get SPY GUY #1 done.  For some reason I find it very comforting.  Here is the Baffin Island episode (which reminds me of Greg Hyland’s Lethargic Lad Survivor comic from way back in 2001-04-17 – I’d provide a link for the strip but he’s taken it down – this is the book it’s reprinted in).

“I’m here to survive for seven days, alone, without food, with very little gear, and no camera crew, in the basement, at Ultraist Studios.”

It’d be funny to make a short parody video to post, but I don’t have the time for it – heck, I shouldn’t even be blog journalling.

July 15, 2009

Song Of The Day…

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As we get into the final stretch of SPY GUY #1, we present to you The Dead Kennedys with a little bit of inspirational music:

I Spy
Dead Kennedys

April 24, 2009


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Thanks to Possum Press for providing these screen grabs from the Superhero Movie: Extended Edition.

Read more about our exploits here, here, here and here.

March 3, 2009


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Chuck Palahniuk quote:


February 6, 2009


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John Romita Jr quote:

“I’m a fan of several different artists.  Leinil Yu and David Finch and Bryan Hitch. Those three guys I get their books and I keep them near by my desk and I look at what they do.  They’re a breath of fresh air in the industry.  I still keep Jim Lee’s work and both of the Kubert brothers work around.  Now what I mean by ‘keep around’ is … there are moments when I wake up on a monday morning and I’m not in the greatest working mode, and that’s true of anybody.  So what I do is I pick through and look through some of the other guy’s work and see how much ambition they put in theirs.  AND THEN (and you’re going to think I’m out of my fricken mind) I go to message boards and have people send me links to all of my critics (not all, but the people who hate my stuff) and I read the poison that is e-mailed to the message board and it inspires me.  So between the young studs that are really really good and the banannas that hate my guts online, it gets me in the mood to work.  And if THAT doesn’t work, I open up my mortgage payment bills everymonth, and that REALLY inspires me.” *


Mark Millar quote:

“Johnny’s got the best work ethic that I’ve ever seen in my life – even outside of comics. I’ve never seen anyone who works as hard as Johnny. He gets up at like 5 am, and does an hour in the gym, and just starts drawing. He’s like a comics drawing machine – he can turn a full issue around in a week, and it’s better than anyone else. Rumor has that he did one issue of Spider-Man in four days one time. There’s no one like him – he’s Marvel’s greatest asset.” *

February 4, 2009

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

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I love this dorky stuff…

January 20, 2009

Obamanation = Abomination

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This administration has once again been brought to you today by a cabal of globalist banksters and their New World Order.

Talk about psi-ops, as part of the mass hypnosis program, the script even had Obama flub his oath of office. Watch for yourself here. Enjoy the next 4 years America! That said; we now leave you with this musical interlude.

Click for an AFP Special Report: WHO IS BARACK OBAMA?

Here’s more information from a guy who predicted things right: WEBSTER TARPLEY.

Alex Jones new film to expose Obama and his agenda: THE OBAMA DECEPTION.

An excellent article by David Icke: BARACK OBAMA: THE NAKED EMPEROR.

January 16, 2009

Scott McCloud at TED

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Filmed in February 2005, Scott McCloud gives an interesting semi-autobiographical lecture on Understanding Comics at TED.
Click here for TED.

January 13, 2009


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Shane Glines quote:

“It just got to the point where I got really fed up with it, and I just decided that I don’t want to go through this anymore. It got to a point where I just did not enjoy drawing. And to me that was just tragic because that was the one thing in my life that I could always depend on… you know, that I loved, and it brought me pleasure, and all of a sudden it’s causing me so much pain that I was thinking of changing my career and just going to work for a gas station.

I really worked hard, I did everything from reading Tony Robbins books, to reading books about NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming, trying to figure out what the Hell is going on in my brain, why have I linked so much pain to this to the point where I can’t even start working?

I’d sit down to draw, and I’d put all this pressure on me, that, you know… you can imagine, to sit down and create in that mindset is just impossible. So I just really worked hard to sort of get back to figuring out what I enjoyed about it when I first started drawing to please myself.

And being a lot more organized as far as my schedule and every night I’d sit down with my notebook and I’d plan out what I’m gonna work on the next day, and you know, just try to become more professional.” *


January 10, 2009


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Seth book title:

“It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken” *


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