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January 29, 2014


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Neil Gaiman quote:

“Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong.” *

May 4, 2012


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Albert Einstein quote:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” *

May 23, 2011


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Brian Hibbs quote:

“… at the end of the day it comes down entirely to the work, and whether it provides the “right” amount of entertainment value for the cost asked.” *

February 15, 2011


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Seth Godin quote:

“Your chance of winning is so vanishingly small it’s as if, from an investment point of view, there are no winners. Which means that you should play the game for the thrill of playing it, for the benefits of playing it to a normal conclusion, not because you think you have any shot at all of winning the grand prize.” *

February 14, 2011


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Stephen Bissette quote:

“Neil EARNED where he is, and did so (he told me, and has told others) by never deviating from the path that led to WRITING FULL TIME. Luck and breaks have a lot to do with it, but Neil worked the markets, conventions, and opportunities, and reaped the whirlwind (in a good way), making many sacrifices along the way.” *

Also, Neil Gaiman on piracy:

February 11, 2011


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Michelangelo quote:

“I lead a miserable existence. I live wearied by stupendous labours and beset by a thousand anxieties. And thus have I lived for some fifteen years (as an artist) and never an hour’s happiness have I had.” * *

February 10, 2011


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Erik Larsen quote:

“I wonder what all the comics would be like if the creators did what they wanted to do instead of trying to be commercial. I think a lot of writers and artists pander to what they think the audience wants. I’d like to see what these guys would do if they didn’t. Often I’ll look through artist’s sketchbooks and wonder, ‘why the hell aren’t we seeing THAT in your finished work?'” *

February 4, 2011


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Stefan Molyneux quote:

“People don’t live in the world of ‘what happened’. People live in the world of narrative. People live in fairy tales. People live in the shifting matrix of adjectives and descriptors.” *

February 1, 2011


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Walter Gretzky quote:

“Skate where the puck’s going, not where it’s been.” *

January 24, 2011


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Mark Oakley quotes:

“I believe they call it “piracy”, but I think it’s more akin to “communication”.” *

“So when the dust settles, if corporate media wins the day, the only messages which will be allowed into those 20 slots of awareness on the digital pad, will do nothing to elevate humankind beyond the intellectual realm of the retarded monkey.” *

“Woe unto those who decide to actually research their subject matter in depth!” *

“I like the swamp versus the hose metaphor. That is, it’s best to think of income as water collected in a swamp rather than from a hose; you can collect lots of water from a swamp; dew running off a hundred different leaves, up from springs, from rain. But a single hose, while it offers volume, if it stops, leaves you dry. So I suggest having lots of different, smaller buckets spread all over because this leaves you in a much more resilient position. Because in depressed markets like the one we’re in, resilience is survival. Hoses don’t do well in bad economies.” *

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