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March 26, 2007


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Last week I was discussing life with my wife. I have always advocated that the way to get ahead is by making a firm decision on exactly where you want to end up. And then being aware of it, and sticking with it. Now, that in itself won’t get you anywhere, however once you have made up your mind, you can start anticipating patterns. In the same way Grandpa Kitchen taught me how when driving a car, to not look at the road directly in front of you. Instead, look at the road far ahead, that way when you steer, you anticipate the curves in the road. Suddenly you’ll find that your driving isn’t jerky, it’s smooth and controlled. When you stay alert in life, you will find that things come to you. I picture a lone particle floating in space, and as other molecules float by, the ones that are useful can be snatched, and in time creating a larger more advanced and complex body. These things in life, they come to you, and then it’s all about what you do with them.

Which got me searching for an analogy.
And then I thought: TETRIS!

Click above to play.

Yes. Tetris perfectly illustrates these concepts.
Tetris is the game of life!

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