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February 17, 2007

SPY GUY – Webcomic pt.20

Filed under: Spy Guy,Webcomic — M Kitchen @ 6:53 pm

Last night I got stuck over 2 hours in transit.
And you got this comic – enjoy!

February 13, 2007

SPY GUY – Webcomic pt.19

Filed under: Spy Guy,Webcomic — M Kitchen @ 1:21 am

What’s that you say?

Shouldn’t you be working on Spud & Harry on your free time? Or on that freelance project? Or on those character designs for that TV pitch? Or on that other secret project you signed a NDA for? Or spending some time with your family? Or possibly getting some sleep?

Yes. Possibly. However, I thought I’d try to crank this strip out somewhere inbetween.

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