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August 26, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 is coming!

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Tomorrow Fan Expo 2010 begins, and we will be there!
Look for us in the Artist Alley at table A74.

No new comics (darn it) but hopefully the t-shirts, prints, and other miscellany will hold you over.

I’ll even bring some original pages to show from SPY GUY #2.

As you can see, this new main page section is currently under construction.
Soon there will be a new SPY GUY: Minis webcomic series (displayed above).

August 25, 2010

Of Comics & Cottages

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Late Friday night we arrived at the cottage I’ve spoken about in prior interviews. The older children and grandparents were off to bed as my wife was helping the little one fall asleep, leaving me all alone on the couch in the main room. Making use of the quiet time, I wandered over to the nearby shelf and leafed through the stacks of paper pamplets looking for something interesting to read, just as I have done for decades before. These are the same shelves where I discovered Peanuts, and Andy Capp, and Archie, and Neal Adam’s Batman. What did I find on the shelf this time? Spy Guy #1 and The Possum #4! This made me smile. I brought them back to the couch and read through them. It brought back those oldest memories of reading comic books, and something about this experience brought things full circle in my mind, making me satisfied with what my brother and I had accomplished in making our own.

It also confirmed for me the idea of comics as paper artifacts. As physical art objects that can be found, and experienced, and enjoyed from a shelf in a cottage.

Over the years I’ve made an active effort to find interesting comic books to leave around our home for my children to read. I’ve also made an active effort to leave some of my own comics laying around the outside world for people to find. Both of which I suddenly feel the urge to do more of.

August 23, 2010


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At the beginning of last week David Branstetter of Strawman Comics sent me this video by Stefan Molyneux from over at Freedomain Radio, which then started a discussion over at Cyper.com

Throughout the week, a recurring message has been coming at me in a steady stream of synchronicities. It started with this clip form the Ricky Gervais Show.


The idea of programming a virtual reality world for your perfect life gave me the realization that THIS life we are living is the one we should be programming. Especially if the talk of a holographic universe has anything to it (David Icke has been talking about this for some time now). We live this life once. Why not make it the life you want to live?

Next were two segments from Truth Frequency. The first was this one where Chris Geo talked of how he raised his own consciousness simply by starting his own radio show.


It confirms to me a suspicion I had in regards to becoming successful making comics full time. It really is a “cart before the horse” scenario that sounds completely backwards, but in reality seems to be the only way forward. The internal mind chatter says that first there must be success, and then it can become a livelyhood. But the only way to make it a successful livelyhood is by first living it.

The next segment from the show reinforced the idea that when you do what you are supposed to be doing, the universe (or God) provides.


Finally Jack Spirko summed it up with an answer to a question at the end of his Friday episode of The Survival Podcast. The twelve year old kid in me was always creating worlds and drawing comics.


As I mentioned over at Cyper, the “master / slave” relationship is something that has taken me nearly thirty six years to understand. We are born into this “master / slave” relationship, born into bondage. But what happens when you are finally able to break free of the Matrix? Then what? That is when the adventure really begins…

The journey is detailed in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.
Here are two versions to watch.
One a literal animation.
The other an allegorical slide show.

Adding to the synchronicity of it all, this is what the core story of SPY GUY: First Strike is really about.

August 10, 2010


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The ULTRAIST STUDIOS web presence is going through changes…
New ComicPress main page…
New SPY GUY: Minis…
All new Blog Journal…
Stay tuned.

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