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July 28, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 – The Loot!

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Here is the loot brought home from San Diego Comic Con 2010:

Whaleboy toy – Patrick Morgan
Superman vs. Spider-Man Treasury – DC | Marvel
Skull toy – Scott Kurtz
Maile toy – Chris Sanders
Reed Gunther #4 – Shane and Chris Houghton
Angora Napkin t-shirt – Troy Little
Jack and Lucky #1 – Anthony Hon
The Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Duty Free Shop
Days Missing – Roddenberry Presents
BP – Benaroya Publishing
Dark Horse Convention Signing Book 2010 – Dark Horse
Zambo Dende – 7G Comics
Wayward Sons Legends Preview Special – Benny R. Powell & Weilin Yang
Rod & Barry Flip Book – Roddenberry Presents
Berona’s War stack of prints – Anthony Coffey & Jesse Labbé
And Then One Day Vol. 1 (with paper bag) – Ryan Claytor
Wayfarer’s Moon #3-6 – Jason D. Janicki & Leigh Kellogg
Stick n Puck the Rink Rat Chronicles – Jorden Oliwa
Chris Sanders Sketchbook 4 – Chris Sanders
Curio & Co. print – Clarence ‘Otis’ Dooley
World War Monkey – Chet Phillips
Rob The Bot and The Toils of Tomorrow print – Ali Showkati
The Onion Non-Holographic Edition – The Onion
Another Comic Book Paaarty! – Phil Rynda
Anna Arky – James Heffron
Interloper – Michael Heffron & Federico Zumel
Rudy McBacon #8 – Frank A. & Derek O.
Scarlet Huntress #1 – Stephanie & Sean Forney
Little Red Riding Hood Origin of a Huntress – Stephanie Forney
Scarlet Huntress Preview – Stephanie & Sean Forney
Phil Hester print – Phil Hester
Andy Kuhn print – Andy Kuhn
Cursed Pirate Girl #1 – Jeremy Bastian
Berona’s War mini-prints and lanyards – Anthony Coffey & Jesse Labbé
Berona’s War t-shirts – Anthony Coffey & Jesse Labbé
Berona’s War I Field Guide – Anthony Coffey & Jesse Labbé
Thoughts, Scribbles + Madness Volume 3 – Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin
Slayboy – Adam Hughes
Zatanna postcard – Adam Hughes
From The Vault 3 – Mike Mignola
From The Vault 2 – Mike Mignola
The Possum postcard – Blair Kitchen
Spy Guy postcard – Mike Kitchen
Toupydoops #5-6 – Kevin McShane
The Prometheus Project Book 1: Trapped – Douglas E. Richards
Aipom Comic Con card – Pokemon
Jock – James Baker
Rocket Rabbit buttons – James Baker
The Sundry Seven #00 – Bruno Steppuhn & Jay Korim
Will Eisner Reader – Will Eisner
The Building – Will Eisner

Out of the hundreds of thousands of items, that’s what I came home with.
What did you get?

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