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January 30, 2009


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Here is a word Warren Ellis told me via Bad Signal:  Papernet.

And it intreged me.  What is a “papernet”?

As Warren described it;

” … my interest in this revolves around making printers spit out sheets of paper with interesting things to look at and read on them.”

Before that Warren typed;

” Way, way back when, I suggested a model for the conversation about comics to bypass the then fairly fossilised working channels for such. Create a short magazine in simple black-and-white PDF and make it freeware, so that anyone could print it off. And ask people to print off a bunch and dump them in comics stores. (As opposed to the “glossy” high-end PDF-mag model we have today, which in those days was represented by an attractive, dense PDF mag called BORDERLINE.)

Years later, I condensed the idea down to a broadside model, which Alert Nerd adopted and Ectomo experimented with. But it shares the same thing in common — it’s about spitting paper at the other end. It’s also about creating objects where none existed before.

The broadside, one-sheet model can be broken down a little further. Anyone knows you can fold one sheet into a four-face booklet. You can get even more complicated than that, but, you know, I drink precisely so no-one asks me to do things involving fine motor skills.

Aaron Cope sees a “social letterbox.” I see a box that spits out Things that require only minimal assembly at best. Broadsheets and pamphlets, a one-sheet culture. Emailable. Printable. Minimal.”

More tangental ideas on printed blogs here:

made the astute point of;

To be honest, I see paper as creating an ‘artifact’ rather than just a way of getting info out there, making something disposable for me just means something else to fill up my bin when I’m done with it.

Now – books or comics that read better on paper and might want to be kept would be something else, but how much would a decent repo of that cost?

Followed up by :

The “artifact” part of this experiment’s got to be the point, because otherwise it’s just sentimental resource-wasting. I mean, you want something to read *later in the same day*? That’s exactly the reason *not* to put it on paper. If you want to read it later today just leave the damn browser window open or email it to your iPhone or something.

“Things our friends have written on the internet” actually has a purpose as an artifact. It’s a curated printed souvenir of the year that I’ll look back at in two or three years, and will probably enjoy that it’s yellowed and faded a bit.

And all this got my brain cylinders firing.  As intriguing as the concept of a social letter box and micro print on demand is, my initial vision upon hearing the word “papernet” wasn’t just of a box that spurts out paper from a computer.  It was something much larger than that, although I can see how the micro POD could play a part in the larger picture.  No, what I envisioned was this…

Pieces of paper interconnected creating a vast network of information in what is essentially a low tech paper and ink version of the internet.  A steampunk version of the world wide web.

More than just a library (although a library could certainly serve as an information hub) this network exists as the result of each piece of paper linking to another, whether it is through the binding formatting a stack of individual pages into a codex, or footnotes or a bibliography linking to other works, or other forms of recommendations.  We see this in comics through letters pages, and editorial comments, and in-story footnotes referencing earlier issues of the serial format itself.  We can even see this in music via insert pamphlets archiving lyrics, and photos and other related art and articles.

The key element here in the forming of a papernet, is the linking of one piece of paper containing information, to another.

Not only does this papernet exist in the real world as paper and ink artifacts, if Internet 2 were to become a reality and net neutrality were lost, perhaps it is this papernet that would fill the gap to become the replacement.  What was old becomes new again.


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Tony Robbins quote:

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” *

January 20, 2009

Obamanation = Abomination

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This administration has once again been brought to you today by a cabal of globalist banksters and their New World Order.

Talk about psi-ops, as part of the mass hypnosis program, the script even had Obama flub his oath of office. Watch for yourself here. Enjoy the next 4 years America! That said; we now leave you with this musical interlude.

Click for an AFP Special Report: WHO IS BARACK OBAMA?

Here’s more information from a guy who predicted things right: WEBSTER TARPLEY.

Alex Jones new film to expose Obama and his agenda: THE OBAMA DECEPTION.

An excellent article by David Icke: BARACK OBAMA: THE NAKED EMPEROR.

January 16, 2009

Scott McCloud at TED

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Filmed in February 2005, Scott McCloud gives an interesting semi-autobiographical lecture on Understanding Comics at TED.
Click here for TED.

January 13, 2009


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Shane Glines quote:

“It just got to the point where I got really fed up with it, and I just decided that I don’t want to go through this anymore. It got to a point where I just did not enjoy drawing. And to me that was just tragic because that was the one thing in my life that I could always depend on… you know, that I loved, and it brought me pleasure, and all of a sudden it’s causing me so much pain that I was thinking of changing my career and just going to work for a gas station.

I really worked hard, I did everything from reading Tony Robbins books, to reading books about NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming, trying to figure out what the Hell is going on in my brain, why have I linked so much pain to this to the point where I can’t even start working?

I’d sit down to draw, and I’d put all this pressure on me, that, you know… you can imagine, to sit down and create in that mindset is just impossible. So I just really worked hard to sort of get back to figuring out what I enjoyed about it when I first started drawing to please myself.

And being a lot more organized as far as my schedule and every night I’d sit down with my notebook and I’d plan out what I’m gonna work on the next day, and you know, just try to become more professional.” *


January 10, 2009


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Seth book title:

“It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken” *


January 5, 2009

18 Ways To Stop The Bomb

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I have been working on my own list of “action items” to make this world a better place, and to make living in it a more enjoyable experience, and found this list created by the folks at Chycho.com, and since many of the points mirror conclusions that I’ve come to myself, I thought it would be worth while to post below, as this list is already typed and coherent.

Below are some suggestions and resources by Chycho.com to help in bringing about a positive change:

  1. Spend time with who and what you love. Surrounding ourselves with love should help us to remember the beauty of life.
  2. Learn to filter and recognize propaganda. It is corporations that profit from wars, not individuals. Always apply the filter: ‘Ownership determines content’. “If we accept that it is desirable for individuals to practice moral agency as fully as possible, then we should seek to create a different kind of media system.”
  3. Your body, your voice, your mind, and your spirit are required at peace rallies for us to reach critical mass. Additional information at the following news sources: CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Raging Grannies, ANSWER Coalition, Stop War, United for Peace, Guerrilla News Network, Move On, Anti War, Common Dreams, bellaciao, PEJ News, OpEd News, Information Liberation, Project Censored, Rense, Information Clearing House, Global Research, Prison Planet, The Raw Story, Gush Shalom, and Truthout
  4. Stop watching corporate news on TV, they do not provide information, just propaganda. Frequent legitimate unbiased news sources such as: The Real News Network, Democracy Now!, International News Net, Sub Media TV, Free Speech TV, Link TV, and Alternative Radio: Audio Energy of Democracy.
  5. Stop supporting corporate education and entertainment. Learn about your rights , how society functions, what we have done, and are doing to each other and the planet. Watch and learn from movies and documentaries such as: Earthlings, America: Freedom to Fascism, A World Without Cancer, Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre, Chemtrail: Aerosol Crimes, The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror, ‘The Future of Food’ and ‘The World According to Monsanto’, Liquid Crystal Vision, Marcus Garvey: Look for me in the Whirlwind, The Doomsday Code, Iraq For Sale, Plan Colombia, The Revolution will Not be Televised, Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick, Zeitgeist, and Loose Change.
  6. Learn about the financial institutions that have been established to profit from the ultimate consuming machine known as war. Watch and share: ZEITGEIST, The Movie: Part 3 of 3 (47:05), and the animated Money As Debt (47:07).
  7. Stop supporting mass media that has been the voice of government and corporate propaganda and the driving force behind the recruitment, promotion, and continuation of the war agenda. Begin to acquire your news from actual people blogging and reporting on the true nature of life. News blogs such as: What Really Happened, Ya Ya Canada, Dahr Jamail’s MidEast Dispatches, Desert Peace, Daily Kos , plus countless others available on the Internet.
  8. Write, call, and personally contact your representatives in government ( US and Canada), demanding that they begin to represent you and your family, not corporate money. Realize that most of our representatives have not even begun to grasp the “terminal” path that we are on.
  9. Not only should you be consuming less and locally, but also producing locally. Corporations over the years have destroyed the infrastructure of local economies, but it is time for us to rebuild. Additional information at Post Carbon Institute, People and Planet, BALLE, 100 Mile diet and numerous other sources available on the Internet.
  10. Reduce your dependency on oil by using public transportation and or alternative means of transportation. See Critical Mass for additional information.
  11. Downsize your car and/or convert to hybrid transportation. The sooner you do this the better. This will not only save you money on fuel, it will also allow you to sell your large gas-guzzler before the rise in fuel prices reduces the value of your car to nothing. And you better hurry, because the waiting lists for hybrid cars are long and used models are selling for more then the new cars.
  12. If you are working for an organization which is actively supporting war then try to find a different occupation which does not require of you to promote the destruction of humanity.
  13. Begin to invest in yourself instead of Stock markets who launder money while profiting from war. Additional information for Canada at Stop Pension Plan Investments in War!
  14. Begin to work with nature and not against it by learning about natural resources available in your area. Additional information at: World Changing, Planet Friendly network, and NI Business Info.
  15. Make healthy eating choices. Studies have found that most bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and since the passing of the Bankruptcy Bill you will no longer be cleared of your debts if you declare bankruptcy in the US, which means that you will become a slave to the banking institutions. This will take away your freedom and force you to abide by their agendas, the main agenda of which is war.
  16. Support artists against the war and boycott those that support the war. There are many artists who have officially spoken out against the war and are proactive in their attempts to bring us peace. Some of these artists are: Immortal Technique, System Of A Down, Ben Harper, Dead Prez, Dixie Chicks, Serj Tankian, Anti-Flag, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Charlie Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Rose O’Donald, Banksy, Carlos Latuff , Ben Heine, Simon Regis, and even Sean Penn.
  17. Participate in civil disobedience. Peace organizers are now advocating “people in the antiwar movement to move from protesting to performing acts of civil disobedience that ‘get in the way of the war machine.’”
  18. Understand that we are one people occupying one planet, and that we are and will be held accountable for the actions of our governments. Learn about our history by reading books such as: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, A People’s History of the United States, Hegemony or Survival, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, Mass Psychology of Fascism [PDF], Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope, The Shock Doctrine, Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, and War Is a Racket written by America’s most decorated general US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler.

To read the original post in it’s entirety go here:

WW3 Has Already Started or: 18 Ways To Stop The Bomb

Add your thoughts and comments below.

Postscript:  Here is an additional video by TheopoulaGR in the same vein posted at Infowars.com

January 2, 2009

Whiteout is your friend

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Thank you Jim Lee for the original pro tip recommending the Pentel Correction Pen.

I couldn’t find the original article to link to, but I did find this clip instead.

On the drawing board in the pic above:  Page 14 of SPY GUY #1.

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