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April 30, 2007


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Dave Sim quotes:

“Principles of Comic Store Reality.
1) Successful comic books immediately go up in dollar value in the aftermarket
2) The most successful comic books continue to go up in value in the aftermarket while less successful comic books level off or decline in value
3) Fewer and fewer comic books are in either category these days
4) Virtually all comic books in either category are from Marvel (and, as Mr. Boyle puts it, DC to a lesser degree)”

“I had been hearing a lot about incentive editions of comic books: basically if a retailer orders x number of copies of a new comic book, they get one limited edition copy of the same comic book with a different cover—essentially a rare collectible. Now, automatically most people are going to shut down having read that. That isn’t a luxury I have, given that I have to figure out how to break what I see as a monolithic, largely unassailable and completely understandable indifference to independent comics in today’s market. Just putting my secret project out there and hoping for the best falls under the heading of Wishful Thinking. To me, it makes more sense to deal with Reality. And, right now, a Comic Store Reality is incentive editions of “hot” comics.” *

“But it doesn’t work for independents or, at least, the track record for independents isn’t nearly as good because there isn’t built-in cachet—or the perception of built-in cachet—in order to get store owners to risk investment capital in ordering what they see as “too many copies”. The key is that the incentive book has to go up in value immediately in order to offset even the possibility of losing money “over-ordering” books.” *

April 26, 2007


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Denis Leary quote:

“Life sucks, get a fucking helmet.” *

April 24, 2007

APE’07 A Success!(?)

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Well… I guess that depends on how you define “success”. Financially speaking, we did far better at the local Toronto Cons. However, in terms of spreading the Ultraist (and Possum) Virus, this show was possibly the best yet, reaching out further than we ever have before. The level of success here will be measured in the amount of collateral damage we were able to inflict. The amount of brand-recognition we were able to achieve. The snow-ball effect of people who remember our comics, and are interested in coming back for more.

Time will tell how this convention panned out.

In the meantime, I need to recover from the past month’s grueling schedule, and the recent jet-lag, and play catch up with my “Real” paying jobs.

Expect more convention reports and pictures in the near (?) future.

Also stay tunned, because you demanded it, the SPY GUY Webcomic is going to get back into the Ultraist Studio Blog Journal rotation.

But first: I need to set some keyframes.
And then: I gotta get some sleep.

April 15, 2007


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Of the letters received since the 2006 Toronto Fan Expo, yours was the one drawn as the winner of the SPUD & HARRY PREVIEW EDITION contest. Meaning that I’ll ship you your FREE SPUD & HARRY #1 comic as soon as you let me know where I can mail it. Thanks again for your letter from last summer, and I hope you enjoy the newest comic from the SPY GUY Universe.


Mike Kitchen.
Ultraist Studios.

April 13, 2007

Toronto ComiCon

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THIS WEEKEND is the Toronto ComiCon.  If all goes as planned, this will be the long awaited release of SPUD & HARRY #1.  And there is a good chance I’ll make an appearance at the Ultraist Studios / Possum Press booth (pending my film and game commitments).

Click the above banner for more details, and I’ll hope to see you there.

April 10, 2007


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Dick Dale quotes:

“Get smart. Forget about trying to be the big man, and be ‘famous’ as one calls it on the cover of Rolling Stone. Become a business person, and market your product the proper way and you will make a hundred times more money and you’ll be powerful and strong within yourself, PLUS you will own EVERYTHING.”

“Go in there and play for nothing at first, and if you start drawing people, then work out a deal to get paid. And then, you know, don’t be so egotistical that you don’t want to do free gigs. Do the free gigs so that you’ll build up a following and I mean, you know, you can make, once you get going, you can do a thousand dollars a night, just in t-shirts or your records.” *

April 9, 2007

Why The System Hates Dick Dale

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The video comes via Cartoon Brew, via Boing-Boing, via Tommy Liberto.

Parts of this will be turned into Mantra.

April 2, 2007

Paper Comics – A Thing of the Past!?!

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In the last comment section, Ultraist Reader Matt Campbell wrote:

i feel that paper comics are antiquated. It’s like trying to start a mail-order business in the time of the inter-tubes.

A popular opinion I can understand, albeit one that I vehemently disagree with.

In an attempt to fuel the debate (and avoid boredom at the day job) this post has been created to log the discussion. Click open the comments to read KITCHEN vs. CAMPBELL! (and feel free to join in).

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