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September 26, 2006

Gender Interchangeability 101

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Stories like this make my blood boil: CBC News – Hockey Decision


  1. But aren’t they just asking to try out, and to get on the team based on their talents? Why would that make your blood boil?

    When i was in baseball, a mentally handicapped (read retarded) kid was forced onto our team. He was a guaranteed out at the plate, and everyone just punched it into right-field (his position) if they wanted a double (Cause ME, centerfield had to cover both positions). He was out there picking retarded daisies. Now that sucked, and totally made my blood boil–cause i never asked to play with a retard who’d eat his shoe-laces between innings. It was HORRIBLE for every non-retard on the team.

    But, if he’d just ASKED to tryout, and we had the option of not taking him based on talent, then I wouldn’t have a problem. And if he was Forrest Gump, then we’d pick him.

    I suspect those girls will go right back to the retarded-girl league. But if they ARE better than the boys, wouldn’t you want them, cause they can win for your team?

    Comment by Matt Campbell — September 26, 2006 @ 4:52 pm

  2. Twin Winnipeg girls who won right to play boys hockey fail to make the cut


    Isn’t it punishment enough that they hafta live in Winnipeg??

    Comment by Matt Campbell — September 27, 2006 @ 7:54 am

  3. Here is a little story that might explain where I stand on these issues…

    Back in Hawaii, we had a SQUARE USA roller hockey team. Every wednesday morning we would play before work. Sometimes more. Eventually we joined a league and played competitively.

    One day Erika (my wife) had the idea that it would be fun if ALL the wives came out to play with us, because it would be so much fun, and we could all laugh at each other, etc.

    I didn’t know what to say.
    My blood boiled at the thought.
    Eventually all I said was “uh… no.”

    I knew this was NOT the sort of game that I wanted to play.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it is fine to have that sort of time together. Not a problem. But not on MY hockey time. The problem is when these females feel they have the right to infringe upon male activities to further their own personal agendas.  Luckily I have a great wife who is not one of those females.  She understands the difference.  Most of the time.

    I don’t have a problem with having a co-ed team. However, if the team was created to be a gender specific team, then leave it alone. Don’t mess with it. I think the individual genders need their own space, just as a place (if for no other reason) to get away from each other every once in a while.

    Another problem with these people is that they just don’t know where to quit. Take this story for example:
    Hockey mom wants daughter allowed in boys’ change room

    My thinking is that a co-ed team should exist along side the gender specific teams. That way you allow people to make their own choice. If no guys want to play in the co-ed league, then that will tell you something right there. And if they DO, well, good for them. They have that option.

    And the biggest problem I have with the whole thing, is that current liberal feminist “equality” is not based on equality at all. There is no logic behind pretending genders are completely interchangeable.

    I ran across this story where the guys decided to try out for the girls team in retaliation:
    Boys try to join girls’ teams following human-rights ruling

    And another field hockey case:
    Court Sports: Boys Sue To Play With Girls

    The funny thing is that when you reverse the rolls, the story becomes a total joke. So much for gender interchangeability, eh?

    In fact, I’m writing a story based on that.
    Look for it (coming sooner or later).

    ps. In response to the follow up story you linked to; I think Charlie Brown said it best…




    Comment by M Kitchen — September 27, 2006 @ 10:43 am

  4. More responses from The Globe And Mail.  

    Comment by M Kitchen — September 27, 2006 @ 11:26 am

  5. I think it is rediculous. If there were no other leagues or teams for the girls to play in, then that is one thing, but the school has a girls hockey team!!!!! If anything, it is hurting every other girl in the school, because they refuse to play with them. And $3,500????? What the heck is that for? I don’t get it.

    Comment by blair kitchen — September 27, 2006 @ 5:36 pm

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